Tire Studs For Winter

We'll be posting periodically about ways to stay safe while commuting. One method we wanted to bring up was tire studs... Tire studs are great for tires (please remember they are illegal in Ontario to use on public roads) but did you know you could also use them on boots and running shoes? If you are looking for ways to drive safer in Ontario winters, instead of going the studded tire route you should always make sure to keep up to date with Ontario road conditions.

The smallest tire studs will usually fit great on shoes or boots and help you maintain your grip while jogging this winter or help you on icy surfaces such as a day on a frozen lake trying to catch that monster trout or during your morning commute to avoid any slips. Tire studs also fits on bike tires, perfect way to create your own DIY studded tires.

Tire studs are easy to install with a simple drill and the installation tool. Simply drill the tire studs on your tires, shoes or boots up to the maximum depth the installation tool allows you to go. It’s already set to provide you with a 3mm projection which is the optimum projection and will create the best grip while making sure the tires studs stay in place.

Always check your tire lugs or sole before installing and if you are unsure about which studs to go for, go with a shorter one to be on the safe side.

Correctly equipped with Maxigrip tire studs, you will be able to keep your winter commute and help reduce our region’s traffic

Again, please remember it is illegal to use tire studs on Ontario roads. But for personal use on your own property or farm, these tips may come in handy.