Smart Commute

Traffic congestion is a problem across York Region and will become a greater issue as Markham, Richmond Hill and their neighbouring communities continue to grow.

For businesses, traffic congestion results in lost time, lower productivity and higher transportation costs.
For employees, stress of the daily commute on congested roads negatively affects the quality of their life and work.

Richmond Hill, Markham and the Regional Municipality of York are building more roads and expanding public transit services to help with traffic congestion …

However, we still need to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles on our roads. The best way to do this is by offering employees Smart Commute options to get to work and home again. 

Smart Commuting is here to stay simply because our growth pattern makes it inevitable. Smart Commute 404-7, a non-profit association, helps employers and employees in Markham and Richmond Hill with Smart Commute options.